Spring/Summer 2018
When I was sixteen

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  • Sixteen Southern
  • France
  • Memories
  • Tricolour
  • Marine pattern prints
  • The scent of summer
  • Adolescence
  • Lavender fields
  • Emotions of youth
  • A fleeting moment
  • Dreams and the future
  • 16才
  • 南フランス
  • 思い出
  • トリコロール
  • マリン柄プリント
  • 夏の香り
  • 思春期
  • ラベンダー畑
  • 若さゆえの感情
  • 刹那
  • 夢と未来

When I was sixteen I spent the summer alone in France.
My French host family didn’t speak any English so I, (with my limited French) and a girl a year older than me and an adolescent like myself, spent our days from morning to night doing our utmost to communicate with each other. During that time I enjoyed casual French fashion by creating outfits out of grunge-look floral print long dresses (which were popular at the time), Breton stripe t-shirts, white casquettes, espadrilles, ballet shoes, mini skirts and some tricolore-coloured garments.

Towards the end of the summer, three of us — the girl, her mother and I — spent a week travelling in the south of France. When they took me to a perfume factory, a solitary building on a wide road filled with lavender, the girl said to me, “when I grow up I want to be someone who makes perfume”. At that moment for some reason or the other, I replied, with great conviction, “I want to work in fashion in the future”. And that childish conversation is my most vivid memory of that one summer.

Years have gone by, we have both grown up and are living the future that we painted in our minds at the time. She went to Canada to study chemistry and is now working with perfume, I am doing design work while travelling between London and Tokyo.

I still envision that scene in my mind from time to time.
The intense late summer sunlight of southern France created a vaguely magical memory, and that fleeting memory continues to be a core part of my life and ideas.

Designer SHOKO





デザイナー SHOKO

Photography by Takeshi Suga
Hair and make-up by Misai Yaeshima
Styling by SHOKO
Modelling by Nastya at Zucca